Dylan to Debut New Joint on NCIS

    There’s an old joke (that was on basically every meta comedy show) about how JAG‘s viewership’s average age was deceased. I’d imagine the same is true for NCIS, a very horrible show about people who solve Navy-related crimes (I’m guessing that’s what the “n” stands for, though I could be wrong). Bob Dylan, who at various points in his career has been known as a walking zombie (specifically the 1980s, mid-90s), has decided (or more likely, Bobbo’s dude at H&R Block decided) to premiere an unreleased song, “California,” on NCIS, a show that is probably huge with aging baby boomers, in November. The song was recorded during the Bringing It All Back Home sessions, and will premiere on the Nov. 3 episode of the show. The song will also be featured on the NCIS: The Official Soundtrack Album-Volume 2, which will be released the same day. [Pitchfork]