Dylan calls in Jack White to write music for lost Hank lyrics

    Jack White is one of a host of artists approached by Bob Dylan for an upcoming project centered on a collection of lyrics by country legend Hank Williams. White offered the following information in an interview with MTV News:

    “[Dylan] came upon, somehow, twenty to twenty-five unfinished songs by Hank Williams — just the lyrics, no music — and he started to ask people if they would finish these songs. He did one, asked Willie Nelson to do one, asked me to do one, and I think Lucinda Williams and Alan Jackson are on it, too. I think it might come out this year. It’s a cool record.”

    After hearing what Wilco and Billy Bragg were able to do with Woody Guthrie on Mermaid Avenue, the prospect of unheard Hank getting the same treatment is exciting. It’s interesting, however, that once again the musician’s family might not be involved in the recording end of the album. Though Hank Jr. had his father/son moment with “There’s a Tear in My Beer,” hearing Hank III take on his grandfather’s lyrics would be one more piece of Williams’s storied family tradition. [Drowned In Sound]