Dwight Howard Could Be A Laker If Massive, Four Team Trade Happens

    Apparently, talks are afoot for a deal that would make Dwight Howard a Laker, Andre Iguodala a Nugget, Andrew Bynum a 76er, and send Pau Gasol and Aaron Affalo to Orlando. Don’t get too excited Lakers fans, though you’ll probably still be more excited than Gasol and Affalo. First, remember what happened the last time the team pulled a huge blockbuster? Additionally, the prize this time is Howard, who, despite being an unrivaled physical specimen, has burned through all his good will with teammates and fans in Orlando. Los Angeles clearly sees this deal and the recent signing of Steve Nash as the keys to another Kobe championship, but in reality it could just be exchanging one head case big man for a slightly better one. [Sports Illustrated]