During The Obama-Romney Debate, ‘Binders Full Of Women’ Is Born

    Oh, Internet: you love to take small phrases or ideas that weren’t important to begin with and blow them into something huge. Not that we’re complaining — but who would have thought that ‘Binders Full of Women’ would become the most tweeted phrase of the night?

    It started out so simply. Mitt Romney was discussing equal pay for women, and he mentioned that as governor of Massachusetts, he was tasked with hiring some female cabinet members. However, he made a misstep when he talked about the “binders full of women” that his staff brought him to help make the decision. 

    The phrase instantly took off and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, led to around 108,000 tweets per minute at times during the course of the debate. Of course, if you’ve been on Facebook in the past 12 hours, you’ve witnessed it explode as meme there as well. 

    Other phrases that received a lot of play in the Twittersphere included Obama telling Romney, “You’re the last person to get tough on China,” as well as Romney’s answer to a question about taxes from the audience at the town hall style debate. 

    However, when the history books are written in years to come, no one will remember those things — this will go down as the Binder Debate, and it will enter election lore along with Al Gore’s lockbox and George Bush admonishing John Kerry for forgetting about Poland.