Duffy Likes Her Diet Coke (Video)


    Duffy has become the official pitchwoman for Diet Coke in the U.K., and her first ad has just started making the rounds. I get Diet Coke’s reason for choosing Duffy (she’s reasonably attractive, has a decent voice), but Duffy’s returns seem less obvious–she doesn’t even get to sing one of her own songs in the ad. Instead, she sings Sammy Davis Jr.’s "I’ve Gotta Be Me" while on a bike ride to the grocery store (that seems to be prompted by some chemical in her Diet Coke). The ad is only playing in the U.K. (as evidenced by the car with the steering wheel on the wrong (or right?) side), but I’d assume if Diet Coke becomes as popular in the U.K. as fish, chips, and shoddy dentistry, she might come stateside to peddle Diet Coke as well. [Stereogum]