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Duff McKagan Says He'd Take Rose Over Weiland, Omits the Million Other Singers Topping the List

Pity the rockers like Duff McKagan, for they are the working stiffs of the glam metal world. While prima donnas like Axl Rose and ex-Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland command all the attention while making life miserable for everyone, drummers and bassists are left to stand by, all but forgotten until their opinion is asked about said singer. McKagan recently offered an interesting  take on the lesser of two evils, as he observed that he would rather reunite with Axl Rose than work with Weiland again. While this does show the slightest thawing in relations and the search for a new Velvet Revolver singer is going nowhere, chances of a true Guns N' Roses reunion are still miniscule. Even if your band is down to looking the guy who sang in Space Hog, chances are there is a singer somewhere who stops short of cornrows and a kilt. Is Udo Dirkschneider available? [Contact Music]

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Now if he'd just take STEVEN ADLER over that clown MATT SORUM all would be right with the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I second that emotion ...



Besides, Duff, Axl's too busy walking on water and Matt's too busy trying to create the illusion of being relevant to VR and rock in general.


Axl Slash and Duff will join forces again!!


Haha Axl's too busy walking on water LOL that's a good one!
Anyways, Matt Sorum is a great drummer, IMO. Steven was awesome, but nowadays he spends most of his time on celebrity rehab. He would really have to get his s**t together to be able to tour again. Matt may not be a flashy drummer but his drumming+duff's bass playing is an amazing combination. Remember he was chosen for GN'R and later VR for a reason.


axl rulz!


Perhaps, "Dan". But Matt seems too affected by all the Hollywood glitz to really be a true rocker... seems a bit sycophantic to me. He "got in" when GnR was desperate. Adler is tan, rested and ready ... and the soul of it all. I'm sure you know better than I, though. I'm just a dumbazzz KJ FAN.


So Dan. How much does Matt pay you to post these info-blurbs? All he does is pimp out women these days ... and have you seen his idea of talent? Stilletto Whores ... yeah. Uh huh.


Dan. He was "chosen for GN'R and later VR for a reason" ... yeah. They were desperate.

And he is flash. Very flash.... more Vegas than Hollywood Rocker. I see a collaboration with Barry Manilow in his future. And trying to pimp out those Stilletto Whores.


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