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Drummers From Death Grips, Wild Flag, And Pearl Jam To Form Supergroup

What happens when you put Zach Hill, Janet Weiss, and Matt Cameron together? Well apparently a future album titled DRUMGASM. According to Wild Flag's Facebook page, "DRUMGASM is what happens when Matt Cameron, Janet Weiss, & Zack Hill set up together in a room & commence to EXPLODE. Record news tomorrow!" It looks like there will be a new drummer supergroup with Matt Cameron from Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Janet Weiss from Sleater- Kinney and Wild Flag, and Zach Hill from Hella and Death Grips. 

It seems that the LP can be pre-ordered and will be released via Jackpot Records  According to the accompanying bio, the album is of: 

"Three people, three drum kits, some microphones and a reel of tape- that's it: pure spontaneity. There's nothing out there that's very comparable to this- maybe the Voodoo drum ritual music of the Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin, is all I can think of, though admittedly even that is a pretty far cry."

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