Drummer Gary Young Rejoins Pavement For One Show

    A reunion isn’t really a reunion unless all the original members of the band are present, although Pavement are getting by using latterday sticksman Steve West on their current tour. But fans of the batshit insane Gary Young, who played with the group in its Slanted & Enchanted era, are about to get happy.


    Young was known for wandering around the audience at the band’s shows before performances, often clad with a pen that he would use to write on fans’ faces. He may have resembled a strung-out Deadhead acid casualty, and perhaps he was, but Young has somehow managed to get it together to join the band once again.


    The one-off performance featuring Pavement with Young will take place at the Bob Hope Theatre in Stockton, California, on June 24, which is the first time Pavement will have played in its hometown. Expect the drummer to have more than a few surprises up his sleeve. More on Young’s solo exploits, including a bio of what he’s been up to in his post Pavement days, can be found here.