Drug Cartel Busted, Apparently Used Interscope Offices To Move Cocaine

    The story of James Rosemond has been getting crazier and crazier. Earlier this year, it was alleged by multiple gang members that he had Tupac shot in New York, killed a friend of 50 Cent’s, and then he was on the run from police. And now comes an indictment on 18 felony charges, including something of a bombshell: Apparently Rosemond used Interscope offices to move cocaine around the country.

    According to the indictment, Rosemond routinely sent people to Interscope to pick up cases from Rock It Cargo, an equipment moving company that used to service Interscope. Apparently, said cases were often full of cocaine or money. Federal agents ran a couple stings to prove this, and at one time found as much as $800,000 in a case. Federal prosecutors, at least for the time being, aren’t charging anyone at Interscope with anything, but if this was really going on over there, Interscope just got itself another decade of interest from up-and-coming rappers. For more details about Rosemond, go to the Smoking Gun.