Drop The Bass While You Browse With The Skrillex Machine

    Years ago, the phrase “browsing the Internet” seemed futuristic and vaguely Matrix-like, conjuring up green-tinted images of hackers in round sunglasses with cool names like Acid Burn. Nowadays, it’s part of your ho-hum everyday routine: wake up, brush your teeth, follow Twitter links to one silly story after another (like this one!).

    Have you ever wanted to jazz up your Internet-browsing experience? Now you can, thanks to the Skrillex Machine. It allows you to cruise through websites while an interminable loop of bass drops accompanies your every click. Just enter a URL and hit ‘Drop It’ and you’ll be treated to a browsing soundtrack of wobble-on-wobble action (Skrillex himself keeps a vigilant gaze on the left side of the page). Hey, it beats the old modem start-up sound, right? [Aux]