Drake’s New Friends

    Whether you love or hate Drake, you’ve got to admit the guy is diverse. On one song, he’ll angrily roar about how “motha f*cka’s never loved us,” and on the next, he’ll sweep your lady off her feet, telling her “we’re going home” while some sweet 80’s pop circulates the airwaves.

    If you’re a hater, however, you might take this so-called “diversity” as fraudulence. You may say you can’t simultaneously be hard and sweet – I say, you’ve obviously never had a Life Saver. That said, a new Tumblr, entitled “Drake’s New Friends” may be all the ammo the haters need to pierce holes in Drizzy’s facade. 

    By now, we’re all familiar with the hit “No New Friends,” (if not listen below and welcome to the year 2013) and head over to “Drake’s New Friends” so you can see all those around Drizzy that haven’t stayed down since day one.