Drake’s Father Speaks On His Son’s Career, Background (Video)

    You know how some Drake detractors like to point out the fact that he has what they call a faux Southern accent because he lives in Toronto? Well, they also apparently like to gloss over the fact that his father is from Memphis, Tenn., where Drake actually spent his summers growing up. And last night, a local Fox News affiliate tracked down his father, musician Dennis Graham, to talk about the rapper-singer’s roots. Papa Drizzy reveals that he pushed his son to start singing on his records because “Drake, man, you got a beautiful voice.” Graham also notes that he believes his son has the potential to be one of the greatest musicians of all time. This prompts one of the anchors to comment on Drake by saying, “Great music, too. Really popular.” Oh, you broadcast journalists, so awkward. You can watch the interview below. [ATF]