Drake Worked With 40 On Every Track On ‘Take Care’

    One of the bigger things keeping us interested in Drake’s upcoming sophomore album (due out on Nov 15, y’all!) was the fact that he was recording tracks with the Weeknd and Jamie xx, among other left-field producers. But it turns out that those experimental contributors will have less of an impact than we thought: According to an interview with MTV, Drake said that he worked on every song of the album with longtime producer Noah ’40’ Shebib, “taking apart” beats sent to him by the likes of Timbaland and others, in order to make a “constant thread” throughout the album. 

    “The majority of producers, not only would I record it with 40, but I might take the beat apart with 40 and add elements that weren’t there before that just because I need a consistent thread,” Drake told MTV News of his Take Care recording process.

    Drake looks to add to Take Care what he felt Thank Me Later lacked: continuity. “Thank Me Later was just song, song, song, song, song, whereas So Far Gone was a consistent thread,” the Young Money MC said of his debut album in relation to his breakout mixtape. “It was a story to me. And Thank Me Later, I sort of didn’t have enough time mentally to piece together a story. It’s very tedious.”

    So Weeknd and Jamie xx still might have songs on the album, but 40 will have a co-producing credit. Given dude’s work on “I’m On One,” I might be cool with that. [MTV]