Drake Vs. Universal Music Group

    Around two weeks ago, a blogger got his hands on the list of sites that Universal Music Group is trying to block from posting songs from its label. Around the same time, Drake leaked a couple tracks from his upcoming Take Care LP, and they were posted on many of those websites. Universal did what it always does: It squashed all the download leaks. Drake Tweeted about being mad about the songs being taken down. This then became a story. But this is wack on both sides. Here’s why:


    Universal is essentially penalizing downloaders and websites for posting a song that came from its own artist. In some sense, they are fighting against their own free promotion. This isn’t the first time websites with artist-approved leaks were attacked: R.I.P. OnSmash.


    But it’s also dumb from Drake’s perspective, because he’s coming off like a man of the people here, just trying to let his fans hear his music. But if he really has such a problem with being signed to Universal, why doesn’t he just go back to being indie? Give the check back if you really feel bad for the songs being taken down, dude. [DMN]