Drake Shares Thoughts On Kanye, ‘Take Care’

    In a recent interview with The Source, ascendant mega-star Drake shared some candid thoughts on fellow emotional rap titan Kanye West. “When I was a kid trying to figure out what I liked, it was [Kanye] who I related to the most. He was an artist in every sense, from his cover art to his music. Now, I would say he was a really great competitor,” Drake said. It sounds like he wasn’t kidding around on “I’m On One” when he threatened to take the throne Yeezy and Jay-Z are so carefully watching.

    Comments like these are especially relevant as Drake’s much-anticipated sophomore full-length Take Care approaches its Nov. 15 release date. In another interview with MTV News, Drake explained the motivation behind his bonkers sad-pharaoh album cover: 

    “I used to stare at this world through a glass window and, like, two to three years later, I became king in that world. That’s who’s sitting on that album cover, that kid that’s just somehow gone from his mom’s basement in Toronto to becoming a king. That’s what the album cover is about and there is a lot of deep thought involved in that ‘cause you can go crazy doing this.”

    With mythology-building like this, you can see why we created a comprehensive guide to Take Care before it hits store shelves. [Vibe]