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Drake: New Kanye LP, 'Good Ass Job,' Is His Best Yet

When he's not touring or spitting guest verses, Drake has been recording his upcoming full-length debut, Thank Me Later. And one of the artists featured on his highly anticipated album is Kanye West, who is also hard at work in the studio on Good Ass Job. Details on Kanye's fifth album remain scarce, but Drake, while speaking to GQ, exclaimed that Good Ass Job will be the best hip-hop album of the past 10 years.


In other words, this will be Kanye's best album yet, considering College Dropout came out in 2004. This is all interesting, to say the least, but I do have my doubts after the gaudiness of 808s & Heartbreaks. Speaking of that auto-tuned madness of a record, Kanye has another video planned for it in "Coldest Winter."



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Kanye West

808s will probably go down as the only endearing document of the Auto-Tune era. Just the same, dude isn't a good singer and I'd prefer it if he rapped. That new leaked demo is fierce though.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/LongestWinter/moonjpg.jpg CraigJenkins

808s and Heartbreak was a masterpiece. Most people just didn't like because it had Auto-Tune and of course every album with Auto-Tune sucks, right?(Daft Punk-Discovery, The College Dropout, Chromeo-Fancy Footwork) NOOO!!!! Also just becuase Kanye didn't rap doesn't mean the album sucked either. The album wouldn't have sound as good if he did and also an artist should be free to do whatever the hell they want and experiment with different sounds and genres.


If he wanted to sing, he should have actually sang. I tried to like 808s, I really did, but it put me to sleep twice. I really liked some of the production, if that counts.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

Too many people misunderstand the genius of 808s and Heartbreak. Think about it this way...if T-Pain and all his sh@t had never existed, and 808s was the first auto-tune album ever, you would be blown away by its originality and brilliance. Since T-Pain's godawful influence on hip-hop, we have been overloaded with auto-tune, making Kanye's work seem bad.

Even so, in this era of A.T, Heartbreak is still a marvelous album. Ye's mama had just died and his girlfriend of whatever years had left him and he was really hurt. Kanye can sing fine, but the effect of auto-tune in this case helped bring forth more emotion and different sounds than regular singing could achieve. When people look back on 808s in the future when the A.T Era has (hopefully) phased out, they will see it for the masterpiece it is. The production on it is beyond words, and conceptually as an album about heartbreak it is amazing.

Good Ass Job will be the illest thing ever. Everything Kanye has done so far has been spectacular and with every album he seems to be getting better. Each one is a classic in their own right. The only other rappers that can say that are Dr. Dre and Biggie, but they both only released 2.

Go YEEZY!!!!!!!!

Half Psychotic Hypnotic

I agree with Andrew, 808s would've been a good album if he actually got a voice coach to help him sing, that would've been the respectable thing to do. Auto-Tune is cool on a couple of songs, but EVERY song? That's what killed the album.

mustard pie

Auto-tune is for non-singers. If you can sing and carry ur notes then you don't need it. West is a rapper. West was in a mood, felt inspired, and chose to share it with the world. He believed in his own emotions and ability and used auto-tune to package them. He believed and it proved fruitful. Judging by it's success he was correct. "If they gone hate, let'em hate" I believe is how it's said. You can't please everyone and in our free speech ways, those who don't like his work are going to voice it while Kanye laughs his way to the bank.
Do ya thing Kanye. The BI remembers you. Bread and Bottle son. Bread and Bottle.



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