Drake: New Kanye LP, ‘Good Ass Job,’ Is His Best Yet

    When he’s not touring or spitting guest verses, Drake has been recording his upcoming full-length debut, Thank Me Later. And one of the artists featured on his highly anticipated album is Kanye West, who is also hard at work in the studio on Good Ass Job. Details on Kanye’s fifth album remain scarce, but Drake, while speaking to GQ, exclaimed that Good Ass Job will be the best hip-hop album of the past 10 years.


    In other words, this will be Kanye’s best album yet, considering College Dropout came out in 2004. This is all interesting, to say the least, but I do have my doubts after the gaudiness of 808s & Heartbreaks. Speaking of that auto-tuned madness of a record, Kanye has another video planned for it in “Coldest Winter.”