Drake Loses Juno Award To Michael Buble, Feist Wins Best Artist

    Last night, in America’s hat, the Juno Awards happened, and it turns out when Canada does an awards show, they’re out-of-touch and lame too: Last night, Michael Buble took the Album of the Year honors from Drake. That sentence is even worse when you consider that Michael Buble’s CHRISTMAS album beat out Drake’s Take Care. Being that Drake was squaring off against another Christmas album (Bieber’s) and Avril Lavigne and Nickelback, everyone expected that Drake would walk with the award with no problem. But he lost. Luckily, he wasn’t there in person to eat that disgrace on the chin (and neither was Buble).

    It wasn’t all completely horrible: Feist won the Best Artist award from Buble, Deadmau5, Drake, and City and Colour, which is at least sort of explainable. Read more about the Junos at Spinner.