Drake: I’m A Really Great Jew

    Time-killer of the day: TMZ has video of Drake, sitting in the back of a limousine, light shining directly into his face from a camera, having a brief exchange with a TMZ cameraman, who I’m sure he was both excited to see and thrilled to talk to. Anyway, the camera guy asks him if he thinks that screwing up Canada’s national anthem (nudge, nudge, Christina Aguilera) would earn him a lot of flak, to which Drake basically says he wouldn’t muck it up in the first place, because he’s “a patriotic Canadian.” Which I guess means that Christina Aguilera is not a patriotic American (Homeland Security, I hope you’re reading this)? Then he asks him about his Judaism, with the exchange going like this:


    Cameraman: “Who do you think’s a better Jew? You or (TMZ founder and ex-The People’s Court “legal analyst”) Harvey Levin?”


    Drake: “I don’t know. I’m one of the best Jews ever to do it.”


    So, I guess the ball’s in your court, Matisyahu. Have at it. [TMZ via Vulture]