Drake Fires Shots At Jay Z During Playoff Game

    The NBA playoffs started today (April 19), with the first game taking place this afternoon in Toronto, between the Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets. As the Global Ambassador of the Raptors, Drake was sitting court side cheering on his hometown team, and also stopped by for an interview with the TSN commentators, which can be seen below.

    During the interview, Drake talked about the typical stuff, how exciting it was to see the Raptors back in the playoffs, how great the fans were, but he also took time to fire some shots at Jay Z, who hails from Brooklyn and has ties with the Nets. “The young boys are out tonight,” said Drake, calling the playoff series “an ironic matchup,” alluding to the old age and former glory of a lot of the players on the Nets, and the young Raptors, who despite having a better record during the regular season are considered the underdogs. 

    “Jay Z is somewhere eating a fondue plate,” continued Drake, which got the announcers very excited. “It’s our time,” he finished off. 

    The two rappers have a love/hate relationship, having made a few songs together, but also with some shots being taken every once in a while. On their 2010 collaboration, “Light Up,” Jay warned Drake: “here’s how they going to come at you/with silly rap feuds trying to distract you.” Lets see if Jay follows his own advice, or if there is more to come.