Drake Drops Out Of Aaliyah Project

    Drake’s undying love for the late great Aaliyah has never been a secret. He’s been spotted with her face on everything from his back to his earpieces. On Drake’s Thank Me Later, Aaliyah appeared on the track, “Unforgettable”, then once more when Drake nabbed some unreleased vocals for “Enough Said.”

    In August of 2012, Drake announced that he’d been executive producing her in-the-works posthumous album. After this announcement stirred up quite a bit of controversy, especially from a longtime Aaliyah collaborater Timbaland, word on the project seemed to quiet down for a bit.

    Finally, Drake spoke with CRWN about the status of the project. “There are records with me and Aaliyah that no one has ever heard and they’re really good,” he said. “I think they press got out of hand. They maybe just had a different vision for it. I’m not sure. It was sounding great to me. Whatever they end up doing with it, I wish them best of luck.”

    He also stated that, “There might be a record with me on there.” We can only hope so. Until then, we’ll alway have “Unforgettable.”