Drake & Chris Brown Offered $1 Million To Box It Out

    As our saga continues in the fair world of egos and hip-hop superstars, Drake and Chris Brown have been offered a million dollars to box it out in an arena. Will these two superstars exercise their id in a primal battle of over-sexed, hyper-masculine fisticuffs?

    Likely not. I mean this thing would be over once one of them lost an earring. Which is really why we like these two, right? We all know under that personal trainer-shaped body and designer tattoos lies just two big softees.

    Back to the million dollars, as it turns out Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing is the one who offered these boys the million each in US currency to duke it out. According to Feldman, if they agreed, the fight would be held at L.A.’s Staples Center on August 25, with proceeds from the event going to a charity for…wait for it….abused women.

    Feldman has held over 55 celebrity boxing matches and was quoted as saying that this one would be “the most interesting of them all.”

    Really, Damon? That Tanya Harding and Paula Jones boxing match was pretty darn good.** [Pop Dust]

    **not true