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Dr. Dre to Drop 'Detox' in February, or So He Says

Not that we believe him or anything, but Dr. Dre announced his long-awaited album Detox is set for a February 2011 release. But, he's probably lying, and we don't know why we keep going back to him after he makes promises like this and just keeps us waiting. We should probably just go back home and live with our mother while we think things over and try to decide if he's worth believing this time.


Detox will feature guest appearances from Dre's friends Eminem, the Game, La Roux, and Jay-Z along with Snoop Dogg and Akon, who appeared on the single "Kush," which will receive an official release on Sunday when it becomes available for download.



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Dr. Dre
La Roux
Snoop Dogg

Golden Rule regarding Detox: For every news item about a Detox release date, it gets pushed back another month.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/saxonb/bad-manjpg.jpg saxonb

I thought the Golden Rule regarding Detox was: It'll take twice as long to release as Chinese Democracy.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/ChrisBosman/Bio Pic.jpg ChrisBosman

just wait detox is comin and who thehell r u to criticise wen u set ant home jackin off and probley have no idea wat makes an album great just look at eminems relaps and recovery yea on relaps he was a bit off the walls and it wernt that good of an album but it takes time 2 get wat u want from ur art hence recovery that is 1 of the best albums he has done next to mashal mathers lp so if it need 2 b push back it will get pushed bk u cant rush perfection so stop bitchin and be patiant and i promise u wont been disapointed with that sed i wish u all a great xmas and new year


hiphopfan101 your a character.. the writer has a point... why beleive dre? the damn albums been pushed back for a decade... what artist you know has done that?

what artist is as good as Dre? Just wait, its coming. When it does you'll know why its taking so long.


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