Dr. Dre Gave Rick Ross A $100,000 Watch For His Birthday

    Rick Ross usually flaunts more bling than you’re bound to find in your local Zales, wearing a price-tag most days that could support the governments of a majority of 3rd World countries, so I’ve got to ask: why the hell would you give him more jewelry?

    Why do I ask? Well, as you’ve seen in the headline and will see in the video below, Dr. Dre felt it necessary to gift Ross a $100,000 Hubolt watch for his birthday this past weekend in Miami. Yeah, it’s all showcased in a video for the home movie collection. I’m assuming the guy who wanted to give an Amazon gift card was probably sulking in the bathroom while all of this was going down.

    This is the life of luxury, so i don’t think you could expect much else to go down. “More” is the key word. My only remaining question is how did Dre know Rozay’s wrist size? Those Hublot’s don’t exactly come with an adjustable band. . .