Dr. Dre Confirms Beats Electronics Acquired By Apple for $3.2 Billion

    There you have it, Dr. Dre has beat Diddy in becoming the first persona in hip hop to become a billionaire. Beats Electronics which was started in 2008 by Dr. Dre along with executive Jimmy Loveline has sold the company for a cool amount of $3.2 billion dollars to electronics giant Apple. After numerous rumors circulating in the technology world, Dr. Dre confirmed the deal with a video shot along with crew members Tyrese and F. Gary Gray stating that the deal has infact happened.

    Only six years old, the company has skyrocketed into the headphones market taking over 50%. You can see their headphones worn everywhere and even on a global level. In addition to the electronics, Beats also released Beats Music. The new service which is similar to Spotify could also become the rival that the Swedish company would have to watch out for. All of this including the strong brand will now be swallowed by Apple. Will be we begin to see Apple-produced Beats headphones coming along with their plethor of iGadgets? Along with the iTunes music store, will Beats Music increase the company’s gigantic hold on the music market? Only time will tell.

    Watch the wild crew C-Walk and bask in the moment of Dre becoming the first billionaire in hip hop below:

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