Dr. Dre Back In Studio With Kendrick Lamar And Eminem…Plus A New Movie On The Way?

    In the world of music, it seems like we have been playing “Where’s Dre?” since his last solo album titled 2001 back in 1999, to the long awaited and speculated release of the album Detox.  It’s almost as if the most that we’ve seen from Dr. Dre these days are his headphones that are on the heads of the youth and many music lovers alike that passes us by on the streets. But now that period of silence and working behind the scenes has come to a halt.  As Dre says that he’s ready to go back to his first love…the studio, where Dre states that, “I’m going back to the studio not for any specific reason, but just to record because I love to record music.” It’s been hinted from Def Jam that Dr. Dre’s already been working on Kendrick Lamar’s and Eminem’s albums. If that wasn’t enough, it seems that Dre heading back to the studio has also stemmed more creative inspiration with a biographical film of NWA to be on the lookout for as well. It has been reported that the movie has gotten approval from Universal, and F. Gary Gray, who directed Friday and the remake of The Italian Job will be the director of this upcoming film.