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Download Yelawolf's New Mixtape 'Heart Of Dixie'

Alabama rapper YelaWolf just released Heart Of Dixie, a ten-track mixtape that seems like the perfect soundtrack for getting pissed off and driving aimlessly around town at high speeds. The Shady Records signee is fond of big cymbals,   super-precise flows, and nihilistic bombast. On "Big Nutz" (nice touch with the "z" spelling), YelaWolf boasts about "running over motherfuckers in a big truck"; "Sobriety Sucks" mixes keyboards, R2-D2 bleeps, and a pro-drunkenness message. And YelaWolf appears to enjoy blurring the lines between mixtape and fully realized album - owing to his collaboration with DJ Frank White and producer M-16, this mixtape sounds pretty official. Download Heart Of Dixie here. [Rap Radar]

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