Download Wiley’s ‘Chill Out Zone’ Album For Free

    So it’s technically been less than a week since Wiley released his then-latest album, 100% Publishing. And in a day’s time, dude had already followed it up with a mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid. Now, some five days later, Wiley has decided to give away a brand-new album called Chill Out Zone. Damn, he must, like, never leave the studio, right? As you can infer from its name, Chill Out Zone contains material made for chillin’ out and enjoying the summer months. It also features that track “If I Could” we heard this past May and assumed would end up on 100% Publishing. We’re more than happy it didn’t land there, of course, as it would have been terribly out of place. But on Chill Out Zone? Mellow perfection.


    You can download the album here. Watch the “If I Could” video below.