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Download WHY?'s New EP, Watch The Video For The Title Track

It's been a quiet few years for Why? since the Oakland group's 2009 breakthrough Eskimo Snow, but all of a sudden the avant-hip-hop band has a slate of releases on the horizon. On October 9, Why? will finally put out a full-length follow-up under the name of Mumps, etc., via Anticon/City Slang.

But first, the group has a new EP to get to titled Sod In The Seed. It comes out August 14 (also via Anticon/City Slang), but you can stream or download the entire thing below between now and August 13. And this isn't some stop-gap release either. Given all the orchestration, elusive melodies, and spitfire rhymes, the EP can stand on its own two feet.

Also, be sure to check out the EP's title track in video form, wherein Yoni Wolf and Co. proceed to skewer everything from hip-hop videos to their own ridiculous sound. [Fact]


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