Download: Two Tracks From Sigur Ros’ Live Album/Film, ‘Inni’

    The mystery surrounding Sigur Ros’ live album/film, Inni, continues to drift away piece by piece. We already know that it’s due out in November and that it features music/footage from their pre-hiatus show in London in November 2008. But now, they have decided to share two of the tracks from the project while revealing that the bizarre trailer we saw called “Klippa” means more than we thought it did.

    The footage we saw of a man cutting fabric was a teaser of the fact that you can own pieces of the clothing members of Sigur Ros wore during the aforementioned concert. Along with that, you will get a 7″ single featuring a previously unreleased track, an enamel badge, light-sensitive paper, and more unknown goodies.

    You can read the band’s newsletter outlining the details of Inni below:

    what has thus far only been alluded to in the short film klippa, released earlier this month, we can now officially reveal: the “unique concert artefact” within each and every one of our special editions is in fact a piece of the clothing worn by a band member over the nights of november 20-21 at london’s alexandra palace, in 2008.

    each of the band’s outfits has now been painstakingly pressed (but not washed) and then cut into neat squares which have then been put into individually numbered envelopes, each to be inserted in its own lavish special edition box, along with coloured vinyl 7-inch of the unreleased song lúppulagið, inni enamel badge, light sensitive paper (more on this later) and all the other goodies.

    You can download two of the tracks off Inni, “Ný Batterí” and “Festival,” via the widgets below.