Stream This ‘D’Angelo Live’ Mixtape

    Much to the excitement of music lovers everywhere, D’Angelo has been staging a comeback via a tour of Europe that, thankfully, has resulted in some absolutely flooring fan-shot footage. To celebrate dude’s return, DJ/producer Sam Champ has compiled the aptly titled D’Angelo Live, a collection of live recordings from the soulful crooner and his killer live band.

    There are 15 tracks in total and you’ll find classic tracks from D’Angelo’s discography along with a few choice covers of material from the late J Dilla. That intro featuring music from Slum Village’s “Fantastic”? Oof, so good. You can stream the mixtape and view its track listing below. [OKP]

    Track listing:

    1. Fantastic Intro
    2. Brown Sugar
    3. Devil’s Pie
    4. Crisco
    5. Left & Right
    6. Chicken Grease
    7. Lady
    8. Left & Right (Reprise)
    9. Feel Like Making Love
    10. Can’t Hide Love
    11. Things You Do (Fall in Love)
    12. One Mo’ Gin
    13. Me and Those Dreaming Eyes of Mine
    14. S.D.M.
    15. Untitled (How Does It Feel)