Download The Gorilla Vs. Bear March Mix

    Gorilla vs. Bear is a good place to download mp3’s from fresh, breaking bands and musicians, but you normally have to get them à la carte. This mix features some of March’s finest free songs from those you might have heard, such as J Dilla, HEALTH and Zola Jesus. Also included are bands like Twin Sister and Cults, whose debut LP’s we are still anticipating. 

    Download the mix here.

    Track List:

    01 Twin Sister “All Around and Away We Go”
    02 Haunted Graffiti “Round and Round”
    03 Washed Out “#7”
    04 Sister Irene O’Connor “Fire of God’s Love”
    05 Caribou “Odessa” (Night Jewel Remix)
    06 Tame Impala “41 Mosquitoes” (Crayons Remix)
    07 Dimlite “Diana Won’t”
    08 J Dilla “Safety Dance”
    09 HEALTH “In Heat” (Javelin Remix)
    10 All Saints Day “It’ll Come Around”
    11 Gauntlet Hair “I Was Thinking”
    12 Sleep Over “Sunspots”
    13 Zola Jesus “Night”
    14 Cults “Go Outside”
    15 Washed Out “#6”