Download: ‘Soliti Turns Three: Congratulations & Commiserations’

    artwork by Onni Nieminen 

    Three years ago, an English immigrant in Finland launched an independent label under the moniker of Soliti. Nick Triani, the man who has worn many hats in the music industry, blew out the third candle yesterday in celebration of his creation. For the occasion, Soliti has made an eight-track compilation of new and rarities as a free download. Congratulations & Commiserations opens with a song from the Helsinki label’s latest addition, Ghost Of Jack Nance, adding a darker and grittier post-punk to Soliti’s diverse catalog. The collection also includes contributions from artists who have been with Soliti from its first year: Astrid Swan, Delay Trees, Black Twig, and The New Tigers.


    • 1.Ghost Of Jack NanceYou Never Come Around Here No More
    • “Roses are red, violets are blue, I am schizophrenic and so am I”
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    • 2.Black LizardSuicide & Other Drugs
    • “This song was made for movie that our friend was making. Movie never came out but song is still here.”
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    • 3.Prince Of Assyria: At The Gates Of Central Bank
    • “This is an interpretation of Jacques Brel’s song, Amsterdam. It´s actually a combination of Jaques version and a later one made by, David Bowie. I tried to update the topic to something that felt more suitable for this time of age.  So by changing it´s lyrics a bit, I feel that the song can pinpoint the same heartless society we are living in. Maybe by writing about it, I can make a change.”
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    • 4.Delay TreesPerfect Heartache (demo)
    • “Most of the demos of Readymade had the raw, sketch-like quality we tried to capture and maintain on the album. In our opinion this demo of Perfect Heartache captures that carefree vibe perfectly.”
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    Gim Kordon2 

    • 5.Gim KordonEi Ole Helppoo (acoustic)
    • “Acoustic version of Gim Kordon’s first single Ei ole helppoo from their TOP 20 debut Ei ole helppoo. Recorded in a closet.”
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    6.Astrid SwanFour Months To Kill (early version)
    “This is a very raw version of Four Months to Kill from the day it was born (if I remember correctly).I’m kind of in love with the melody here, because it has quirks that I straightened out later on and the tempo is lulling here, never hurried. Also, the lyrics in the chorus are different, maybe better than in the album version. Happy birthday Soliti! “


    • 7.Black Twig: On White (Swans At Tea EP version)
    • “This is an early and a bit rougher version of On White. We recorded it for our first EP, which has been out of print for a long time. New version of the song can be found from our latest album “Heliogram”.
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    • 8.The New TigersWorld’s Greatest Actor (live)
    • “This wild, extended live version of World’s Greatest Actor (an oldie from the first album) was recorded live at the band’s home arena, Turku’s Dynamo, in may 2014.”
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