Download: SlimKid3 & DJ Nu-Mark’s ‘Another Day Another Dollar’ EP

    Here’s something for the Golden Era-loving hip-hop heads and turntable-enthusiasts alike. The Pharcyde’s SlimKid3 teamed up with renowned DJ Nu-Mark to put together the free Another Day Another Dollar EP. It features two new tracks from the rapper-DJ/producer tag-team, who have hopefully recorded more than just this.

    The EP’s songs, “Another Day Another Dollar” and “Friday Night,” leave us thinking that they must have more material in the can, if only because these tracks are so different. On the title track, you have a slightly reflective, though also playful, tune. And on “Friday Night,” SlimKid3 and Nu-Mark take you to the dance floor with a track destined for party playlists. Download the EP via the widget below.