Download Silver Swans “How Soon Is Now?” (The Smiths Cover)

    photo by Warren DiFranco

    Originally recorded in 1984, The Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now?” was a rare B-side to their song “William, It Was Really Nothing.” It was a song that contained Morrissey’s familiar croon with lyrics belting “I’m a human and I need to be loved.” But it also contained Johnny Marr’s more sonic guitar work. Well, the song has been brought back to life with Silver Swan’s hauntingly dark cover. Ann Yu’s vocals hypnotize you cover Jon Waters’ cold slick production.

    The band stated, “Covering the song was a chance for both Jon and I to reconnect with this nostalgia while adding our own vulnerable darkness to the mix.”

    Their new album TOUCH is now available through iTunes.

    Stream and then download their chilling cover below: