Download Showbiz & A.G. “Diggin’ In The Crates” (DJ Premier Remix)

    A bunch of classic hip hop tracks are about to get remixed by a handful of today’s premiere producers and DJs. In this case, DJ Premier takes on “Diggin’ In The Crates” by Showbiz & A.G. and features Diamond D and Lord Finess. The track was first premiered on the DJ’s radio show over the weekend.

    The track will be featured on D.I.T.C.’s The Remix Project. It features tracks by Fat Joe, Big Pun, KRS-One, and many others. There will be remixes by Buckwild, Lord Finess, Alchemist, and others. It will be released on May 7, 2014 via D.I.T.C. Entertainment / Slice of Spice Records. It will be offered as a free digital download on their website followed by a vinyl and CD bundle. You can preorder the vinyl version here

    Their Soundcloud noted:

    After being premiered by DJ Premier on his radio show this weekend here is the full track, “Diggin’ In The Crates (DJ Premier Remix)”, available for to stream, including a FREE DOWNLOAD link direct off the new D.I.T.C. website!

    The original version of this track is where it all officially began for the D.I.T.C. crew, back in 1991, a full 6 years before “Day One” was released on the crews own label. “Diggin’ In The Crates” featured on the Showbiz & A.G. debut and self pressed joint, the Soul Clap EP…the rest as they say is Bronx Hip-Hop History. For the D.I.T.C. Remix Project, Showbiz called in long time friend and crew member, DJ Premier, who’s absolutely smashed it with this new version.


    D.I.T.C. The Remix Project Tracklist:

    01. We All (Alchemist Remix) ft. O.C. & A.G.

    02. Da Enemy (Bink Remix) ft. Big L & Fat Joe

    03. All Love (Apollo Brown Remix) ft. Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, Big L, & A.G.

    04. Thick (Lord Finesse Remix) ft. A.G., Big L, & O.C.

    05. Best Behavior (Showbiz Remix #1) ft. Big Pun & Fat Joe

    06. D.I.T.C. (DJ Premier Remix) ft. Diamond D, Showbiz, A.G., & Lord Finesse

    07. Casualties Of A Dice Game (Buckwild Remix) ft. Big L

    08. Time To Get That Money (9th Wonder Remix) ft. A.G., Diamond D, & O.C.

    09. Internationally Known (Diamond D Remix) ft. O.C., Fat Joe, & Big L

    10. Way Of Life (Marco Polo Remix) ft. Fat Joe, Big L, Party Arty, & Showbiz

    11. Drop It Heavy (Buckwild Remix) ft. KRS-One, Big Pun, & A.G.

    12. Foundation (O.Gee Remix) ft. Diamond D, O.C., A.G., & Lord Finesse

    13. Best Behavior (Showbiz Remix #2) ft. Big Pun & Fat Joe (BONUS)

    14. Casualties Of A Dice Game (9th Wonder Remix) ft. Big L (BONUS)


    Stream the track and then download it for free here.