Download: Shlohmo’s Gilles Peterson Mix

    West Coast beat-driven artist Shlohmo actually released this mix for Gilles Peterson’s BBC Radio 1 show last year. But he wanted to give everyone who didn’t tune in to the show a chance to listen to and download the romantic, smoky mix. As such, he uploaded it late last night while some folks were still doing the whole Valentine’s Day thing. Here’s the message he wrote with it:

    for u and ur luvvd one. or just the person ur making out with tonight. or the floorboards ur laying on currently while the vhs of home alone 2: lost in new york plays on ur 13″ sony tv.

    Sounds perfect. You can stream the mix and view its track listing below and download it here.

    Track list

    1. Nathan Johnson – Emily’s Theme (Brick OST) – [Lakeshore] 
    2. sounds 
    3. His Name Is Alive – One Year (Four Tet Remix) – [Domino] 
    4. Emily Reo – On The Beach – [self released] 
    5. sounds 
    6. Drake – Club Paradise (RL Grime screw) – [OVO] 
    7. Jon Brion – Phone Call (slow) – [Hollywood] 
    8. + found voicemail 
    9. Dimlite – Roo – [self released] 
    10. Asura – Her Tearing – [Non Projects] 
    11. M83 – I Guess I’m Floating – [Gooom] 
    12. Evenings – [I] Softly, We Go.. – [self released] 
    13. sounds 
    14. Little Dragon – Twice – [Peacefrog] 
    15. Groundislava – Culminate – [Wedidit] 
    16. sounds 
    17. D’Angelo – Africa – [Virgin]