Download: Sheefy McFly & The Delorean’s ‘Full Blown AIDS’ Project (Prefix Premiere)

    Since he was written up this February as an artist-to-wach, Detroit rapper Sheefy McFly has put out a bunch of material. Prefix has, over the past six months, been able to premiere Sheefy’s “1,000 Freaks” single, the mixtapes Bad Bitches and Dank and Nothernplayalistikcapricemuzick (both free) and, most recently, his video for “1 Up.”

    This premiere, though, sees the rapper distance himself from the more hip-hop sounds of records past while forming a rock group as Sheefy McFly and the Delorean. With 4 tracks, their debut effort Full Blown AIDS is–like a good punkish album–full of slogans. “I wanna live in sin,” “bullies aren’t bulletproof,” “party hard, die hard,” and other chantable one-liners make countless appearances.

    Following three songs with a clearer focus on guitar-centric music, Sheefy and the band’s standout cut is the closer “Detroit.” It’s kind of a quirky track with a strong electronic bend, and it’s dedicated (very directly) to McFly’s hometown. One piece of evidence he uses to support Detroit being an awesome city? “J Dilla came from here.”

    Download and listen to Full Blown AIDS below.