Download Rickie Jacobs’ ‘Virgo Season’ EP

    We’ve heard a few samples of this project already, with the 9th Wonder-borrowing “Grow” and more recently “God Is Good,” but in celebration of his birthday yesterday, Rickie Jacobs released his new EP, Virgo Season. It may only be seven tracks long–clocking in at a shade over 28 minutes–but the budding Baltimore MC spreads a nice variety of subject matters, stellar lyricism and polished production with what time he has, so it’s hardly an issue. King Tut, Smokey Suave, Hanz and Rome Duran serve as the support on Jacobs’ latest offering.

    Virgo, the sixth astrological sign of the Zodiac, exists solely in the mind! While remaining cool and collected to their surrounding world, the Virgo mind tends to have uncontrolled, yet intense thought processes in order to analyze everything and anything with the intent to constantly improve and perfect their lifestyle!

    They’re independent, they’re determined and their ability to read people is damn near impeccable! Not to mention they’re rarely known to be celibrate! All in all, a Virgo is Rickie Jacobs!

    Stream Virgo Season EP below, and download the project for free here.