Download Raider Klan’s ‘2.7.5. Greatest Hits Vol.1’ Mixtape

    SpaceGhostPurrp may brought his distinct trillwave sound to the masses earlier this year by releasing his first official album Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp on 4AD, but his Raider Klan (sorry, Rvidxr Klvn) still remain in his murky shadow. Helping to ironically shed light on his loyal disciples, ‘Purrp releases this epic 44-track compilation of the Klan’s finest work, 2.7.5. Greatest Hits Vol.1.

    The project fishes the internet for material from the likes of Ethelwulf, Amber London, Key Nyata and the rest of the largely hard-to-identify Miami crew, and serves as somewhat of a welcome package to the collective who are blending ’90s Southern rap and contemporary drugged-out, lo-fi sounds into a winning post-internet-era combination.

    Stream Raider Klan’s 2.7.5. Greatest Hits Vol.1 below, and download the full collection on DatPiff (do it on the low, though, you don’t want people thinking you’re behind the curve or anything).