Download Provocative Hip Hop Artist LE1F’s ‘Fly Zone’ Mixtape


    Last year hip hop artist Le1f made a splash with his Open Ceremony mixtape and tracks such as “Wut” that catapulted him to stardom. He even went on tour with Das Racist before they called it quits. And now he’s back with his new mixtape Fly Zone. The tracks have been produced by a slew of producers such as HarryB, DJ Blood Everywhere, LOL Gurlz, Shy Guy and Drippin. Spank Rock also appears on another Drippin produced track titled “Star Alliance.” Don Jones and Kitty Pryde also make appearances on the mixtape.

    If you loved what he did with “Wut” you’ll thoroughly enjoy the mixtape.

    Listen to the mixtape below and download it here.