Download: Odd Future Rarities Mixtape ‘Unreleased Vol. 3’

    If you’re an Odd Future fanatic, chances are you have hit up their rather comprehensive fansite, Odd Future Talk, where OFWGKTA faithful discuss, report on, and present the music of the West Coast collective. And just as they have done twice before, the folks behind the site have put together a free rarities compilation.

    Titled Unreleased Vol. 3, the project boasts 13 previously unreleased, unheard, or loose tracks from OFWGKTA members Hodgy Beats, Tyler, the Creator, Syd tha Kyd, Pyramid Vritra, and others. Most notable is the inclusion of several cuts from still-missing Earl Sweatshirt, who on the tape is rapping under the name Sly. Yes, that was his name before he linked with Tyler, the Creator and became a member of the foul-mouthed crew. You can download the tape here and view its track listing below, where you can also stream “Sly x Stones Throw.” Art by GJ.

    1. Sly: Sly x Stones Throw
    2. Hodgy Beats: Wwarehouse (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)
    3. Tyler, The Creator: Friends Zone
    4. Left Brain: Oldirty (Instrumental)
    5. Mike G: 707
    6. Domo Genesis: Cashmere (Produced by Michael Uzowuru)
    7. Sly: WattStax (Produced by Weird Eye)
    8. Syd Tha Kyd: Get It In (Instrumental)
    9. Hodgy Beats: Pop That (Produced by J Hawk)
    10. Tyler, The Creator: Furb Set Anthem
    11. Pyramid Vritra: Fuck Wind
    12. Sly: Rebellious Shit (Produced by Vision)
    13. Weird Eye: WattStax (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)