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Download Numonics' EP 'The Fiona Apple Project'

Fiona Apple released The Idler Wheel..., her first album in seven years, this summer, and now producer Numonics is putting his hip-hop spin on her organic, minimal arrangements. Here's what he has to say about his remix EP: "After a conversation with my friend and fellow producer J57...I decided to sample some of the new Fiona Apple album and this is what came out. 5 beats done in 1 day." "Do Anything" pairs the lush piano of "Anything We Want" with a delicate backbeat; "Hot Knife Hard Life" puts an electro spin on "Hot Knife." It sounds incredibly polished for taking only a day to produce. You can download the whole EP here. Tracklist below. [2 Dope Boyz]

  1. Hot Knife Hard Life
  2. Do Anything
  3. Feel Everything
  4. valentine
  5. My Name

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