Download: New Vampire Weekend Single, “Horchata”

    Earlier today, a mysterious clock appeared on Vampire Weekend’s website, counting down to some unknown event. It turns out said event wasn’t the dawn of the zombie apocalypse; it was for the release of the band’s new single, “Horchata.” “Horchata” is a traditional drink in Spain and Central America (according to the literary journal called “The Wikipedias”), and the song has some tropical influences to go with the title. But the fellas haven’t taken a serious stylistic turn or anything; “Horchata” would have fit nicely on Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut.


    “Horchata” is available for download at Vampire Weekend’s web site for the low, low cost of an e-mail address. It’s the frist single from Contra, which is due out on Jan. 12 via XL.