Download: Mick Boogie’s Mix Of A Tribe Called Quest Rarities And Remixes

    We previously heard from DJ Mick Boogie when he again linked with DJ Jazzy Jeff to provide the soundtrack to your summer parties and chill-out sessions. And in case that wasn’t enough for you, Boogie’s back with even more free/awesome goodness. He has put together nearly 80 minutes worth of A Tribe Called Quest rarities and remixes on the Excursions mix. I shouldn’t have to write what I’m about to write, but shit, I’m doing it anyway. You need to download this. That especially goes for anyone with a slight love for hip-hop and, of course, Tribe. Consider this a means of holding you over until the Beats, Rhymes & Life documentary hits your town.


    Boogie released the mix with the following message:

    A Tribe Called Quest is one of my favorite groups of all time… in any genre of music. After seeing Michael Rapaport’s amazing documentary on the group, I felt inspired to put together a mix and this is the end result. This is NOT a greatest hits mix. This mix is for the true Tribe fans only… the die-hards who know every lyric and remember every interlude. I thought it would be cool to basically create the “lost” Tribe album… with all the rare songs, demos, limited-edition remixes, and collaborations you may have missed over the years. I hope when you enjoy this as much as I do, and hear some things you have never heard before. Special thank you to UNDRCRWN for the amazing artwork. Long live A Tribe Called Quest!

    You can stream the mix at the Excursions site and download it here.