Download: Kitty Pryde’s New EP, ‘Haha, I’m Sorry’

    The hype from Kitty Pryde‘s “Okay Cupid” video has been marinating for a while now, and today it’s realized with the release of her new EP, Haha, I’m Sorry. The five-track effort features production from “Cupid” craftsman Beautiful Lou, SELA. and Orlando beatmaker GRANT. Features include Riff Raff on “Orion’s Belt” and Dankte on “Ay Shawty.” There’s plenty of teen girl laughter and lush instrumentals, as well as a flip of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” hit renamed “Give Me Scabies.”

    Pryde will make her New York City debut this Friday at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, which is impressive because she was just somebody on the Internet a little while ago. But here we are, in 2012 with an ageless, red-haired female artist from Florida who’s got a great ear and words to rhyme. If you weren’t hating out of the gate, you’ll dig this. If you think Kitty Pryde is ruining hip-hop, she says, “Damn right,” and takes a lick of her Ring Pop.

    Download and listen to Haha, I’m Sorry below.