Download Jai Paul’s Debut Self-titled Album On BandCamp

    It’s been over two years since Jai Paul’s single “BTSU” made a huge splash in the scene. He signed to XL Recordings but since then things have been pretty quiet for the avant-garde experimental pop wizard. A few other tracks have been put out since, but as far as a debut album nothing has come to fruitation.

    Well, now it seems like his debut album (or as are believing it to be), has made its way onto BandCamp. Supposedly uploaded by the artist himself, the self-titled album is sixteen tracks of blissful genre hopping music. Everything from rnb, to chillwave, break beats, soul, and your favorite EDM stylings make on this record. And although the tracks are untitled, it is reported that track 16 is “BTSU” and track 7 is a cover of Jennifer Paige’s “Crush.”

    XL Recordings has not publicly released any statements regarding this release. So while you can, download the album below at his BandCamp:

    [The Fader]