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Hear A New Grimes Song, Listen To Her On KEXP

The electro-pop project of Montreal's Claire Boucher is suddenly red hot, as her blogosphere buzz has reached a critical mass. Have you heard her new album, Visions? It's pretty great. You know what else is pretty great? This non-album cut that just hit YouTube. It's called "Angel," and it's a soaring 90-second pop gem, like one of those crystals that makes a rainbow in your room. Listen to it below:

That's not all: here's an opportunity to hear three tracks from Visions in a semi-live setting: Grimes was recently on KEXP, where she played "Be A Body," "Genesis," and "Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)." You can download the whole session over here now. 

Visions is out now via 4AD. 

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