Download: Friends Of Friends’ Sampler Featuring Shlohmo, Groundislava, Salva

    To celebrate these stable summer temperatures* and their release schedule this year, the folks at Friends Of Friends have put together I’ll Be Your Friend. It’s a 12-track, free compilation of some of the label/collective’s hottest tracks of 2010 and ’11. We have heard some of them already here at Prefix, such as the Mexicans With Guns’ “Highway to Hell” Ridin’ Dirty mix with Freddie Gibbs and Bun B; Shlohmo’s remix of Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag;” and Groundislava’s “Creeper Shit.” But now you have them all in one convenient zip file tailor made for enjoying either at an upcoming party or during a laid-back day spent cruising around with the windows down.


    You can download the sampler here. Check out Shlohmo’s remix of Soulja Boy below.



    *I realize it’s not summer just yet, but you know what I mean.