Download: Dntel, The One AM Radio & Geotic Reinterpret Each Another On Free EP

    Like-minded electronics-enthusiasts Dntel, the One AM Radio, and Geotic (aka Baths) just wrapped up their Soft Alarm Tour. And as someone who caught them during said jaunt, I can tell you they put on one hell of a show. They also made sure to collaborate with one another on stage, which led to, say, Geotic’s Will Wiesenfeld and the One AM Radio’s Hrishikesh Hirway joining Dntel for a track or two.

    So with that in mind, it wasn’t terribly surprising to learn that they expanded their work together beyond a live setting. All three acts reinterpreted each other on The Soft Alarm Tour EP, which features a total of six tracks. You can get a sampling of what to expect on the free release below via the One AM Radio’s version of Dntel’s “Rock My Boat.” Download the entire EP here by entering your e-mail address.

    Dntel – Rock My Boat (The One AM Radio Version) by The One AM Radio