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Download: Deerhunter's Set Of New Songs In NY

As they are wont to do, Deerhunter played a bunch of new songs when they performed at New York's Pier 54 last week. For those of us who weren't there to hear new jams, NYCTaper was there to record the whole set, which is available for download now. The set was heavy on new jams, but also has choice cuts from Microcastle. Here's the set list:



01 Desire Lines *

02 Hazel Street

03 Revival *

04 Rainwater Cassette Exchange

05 Never Stops

06 Spring Hall Convert

07 Fountain Stairs *

08 Wash Off

09 Fluorescent Grey

10 Helicopter *

11 [encore break]

12 Cover Me (Slowly)

13 Agoraphobia

14 Nothing Ever Happened

* new songs

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